The Most Dangerous Tree in Brooklyn

A rotted tree at a Windsor Terrace entrance to Prospect Park may be the most dangerous tree in a city park, one park advocate warns us. “A tree with a large rotted out trunk that had a huge bough snap off [before Sandy] in September—falling across a walking path, bicycle lane, crossing a park drive, onto another walking path at a main entrance called Park Circle—[has been] left dangerously to rot with huge branches threateningly hanging overhead,” writes Anne-Katrin Titze, Prospect Park advocate and a NY State DEC licensed wildlife rehabilitator. “The roots are weakening further, as moisture enters into the trunk left exposed, ripped apart. There is no warning to park visitors to take another access route, and the rotten tree has been left to decay without regard for public safety.”

Titze alleges that the Prospect Park Alliance and the Forestry Division of the Parks Department are aware of the tree since at least September, and were set up near it for weeks in November. “The lack of commitment of resources by the Prospect Park Alliance to maintain and preserve the landscape both around Brooklyn’s only lake and throughout the only forest in Brooklyn is an ongoing serious concern,” she writes.

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The felled bough, chopped up

  • The felled bough, chopped up


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