What is a “Hipster Wine”?

Wine director of Maison Premiere

  • Wine director of Maison Premiere

When the Wall Street Journal found out last week that they were drinking wine out in Brooklyn, they couldn’t help but devote an entire half-page to an article discovering what wines are the most hipster. Were they forcing a trend piece? Let’s check in with some of the sources: “I’m not sure what it means,” the co-owner of Maison Premiere in Williamsburg told the Journal. “I’m the least cool person in Brooklyn,” said the general manager of Williamsburg’s new Scandinavian restaurant Aska. But the paper proved him a liar! “[He] dropped many references to dining Copenhagen,” the columnist writes. “No city is hipper than Copenhagen right now.” IPSO FACTO, BITCH! Ok, but some restaurant people played along. Here’s what a hipster wine is:


  1. “The sensibility of Maison Premiere’s customers is ” actually one that tolerates the rank odor of past-its-prime raw seafood with the medicinal funk of absinthe. A stink in which I don’t imagine any mortal creature could enjoy a decent wine…maybe an espresso?


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