It’s Ok to Be Alone

Dont cry. Its basically not that bad to be all alone.

  • Don’t cry. It’s basically not that bad to be all alone.

So, yesterday—January 2nd—was a big day in the online dating world. Apparently, it is the day of the year when people are most likely to sign up for online dating services and to just straight up declare that they are looking for love. Buzzfeed compiled a handy chart showing the huge traffic spikes on dating sites like and OkCupid, and speculated that possible reasons for the increased traffic include New Year’s resolutions to find love or holiday break ups or even the sad reality of having stayed with someone over the holidays just so as not to be pathetically alone when the clock struck midnight on New Year’s Eve. That’s terrible.

And, while it’s fine for people to flock to these dating websites because there’s nothing inherently wrong with stable relationships (well, maybe there is but we won’t go into that here and now), still all you single people out there should know that it’s just fine to be alone. There is no shame in solitude. But what’s so great about being single, you ask? Well, lots of things! Here’s a list of reasons why it’s kind of great to be all alone, just in case that OkCupid thing doesn’t work out as well as you want it to.


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