The Brooklynite’s Guide to New Year’s Resolutions

Resolution number 1: learn how to do whatever this is.

  • Resolution number 1: learn how to do whatever this is.

Like most cynical-but-still-pretty-aspirational people, I grudgingly (but behind closed doors, fervently) buy into the whole “New Year’s Resolutions” thing. I also buy into the idea that if you’re dying to change some aspect of your life, you shouldn’t wait until January 1st to do it, but whatever. Clean slate! A chance at self-betterment! Visible abs and a savings account balance that isn’t laughable! The list goes on.

And, in keeping with my annual “make more lists” resolution, I got to thinking. What are my Brooklyn-centric resolutions? There’s a lot to do around here, aside from the unimpeachable routine of watching a ton of old Lie to Me episodes on Netflix and going to the same three neighborhood bars over and over again. So how exactly will I change things in 2013? How can I better myself, and maybe even Brooklyn? I have a few ideas.


  1. Or, you could always co-parent my two pups with me. Twould be the best new years love you could imagine. Part time dog fostering. It’s a thing. and I will send you pictures that will make you choke with cute visions of dogs snuggled in your arms every other week of the year with all expenses paid.

  2. @Katie King Aaah, that is such a great idea! Re: the feline AIDS I can’t really have other animals in the house, but good luck!


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