Inside Five Archetypal Brooklyn Spaces

A nighttime walk down any Brooklyn street offers the opportunity to peer into lighted windows and fulfill our most voyeuristic tendencies. Each window—whether a part of the floor-to-ceiling glass expanses that cover the condos on the Williamsburg waterfront or the leaded-glass panes on century-old brownstones in Brooklyn Heights—offers a framed glimpse into the infinitely varied interiors of Brooklyn.

The spaces of Brooklyn can hardly be contained—they multiply seemingly overnight—but what follows are a selection of some of Brooklyn’s most sought-afer interiors: the brownstone, the converted warehouse, the microspace, the mansion, the glass condo. Each space represents one of Brooklyn’s multitudes, each interior designed to inspire wonder about the possibilities inherent within.

Photo Clement Pascal


  1. The Brownstone pictures do not portray a good sense of what the Brownstone looks like. It’s horrible, this isn’t an avant garde art piece, it’s architectural….show us the features!!

  2. Ok, so it’s more than just the Brownstone slideshow. The pics are pretty bad. Check out the comments on A couple of other people agree.

  3. I love that someone “disliked” Kristin’s comment letting everyone know that one slideshow was fixed. Dear internet, you are the fucking worst.


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