The Drink Will Teach You How To Really Make Mulled Wine


If your holiday parties have gone anything like mine, mulled wine always sounds like a perfect idea, and ends as a lukewarm pot of low quality wine with a few errant clumps of cinnamon and disintegrating orange slices floating around. Granted, that’s still a better scenario than no mulled wine at all, but nonetheless, we can do better.

For words of wisdom, we figured no one would give us better advice than the forces behind The Drink, who have spent the past two years perfecting tasty, fit-for-a-sailor punch recipes in their cozy (and yes, nautically themed) East Williamsburg alcove. They did not disappoint.

One of their biggest tips? Add more booze. “Protect the alcohol,” explains Adam Collison, who co-owns the bar with his wife, Nika Carlson. “As alcohol will evaporate quickly when your mix gets hot, you should only heat it to any enjoyable temperature and drink as soon as possible. I like to put a bit of brandy in the mix, and if you’re like me, it will likely be necessary to add more as the pot simmers.”


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