Con-Ed Is Billing Brooklyn Murder Victims Now


Ever-helpful utilities monopoly Con Edison is doing its best to destroy any goodwill that we may have built up toward them (very little) in the wake of Sandy, a time when not only did their lack of preparations leave thousands without power for shocking lengths of time, but said thousands also received bills for the weeks in which their homes were without heat or power. Now, they’re billing a victim of Brooklyn’s “Son of Sal” serial killer.

Mohammed Gebeli was one of several Middle Eastern Brooklyn store owners allegedly murdered by Sal Perrone prior to his arrest earlier this month. In spite of obviously extenuating circmustances, however, Gebeli’s family has now received notification from Con Ed that they owe $734 in back utilities, which went unpaid while his death was under investigation and his store, Valentino Fashions, was serving as an active crime scene.

“If it is necessary to obtain a court order for a city marshal to repossess our meters, there will be a fee of $45,” states the letter. The family is also threatened with a $115 collection fee and a $130 charge for removal of the meter, news Gebeli’s grieving son called “a slap in the face.”

Gebeli reports that he’s repeatedly tried to explain the circumstances to Con Ed (“They won’t listen,” he told The Daily News), and an official from the company would only say, “We’re looking into it.” We uh, trust they’ll handle the whole thing with efficiency and compassion. No question.

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