Brooklyn Chefs Advise Us On Post-Frankenstorm Eats

Or, you know, you can just eat here.

  • Or, you know, you can just eat here.

Whether you lost power during the storm or not (hopefully not, if you’re reading this), there’s one thing for sure — your pantries and cupboards are currently brimming with unpalatable, non-perishable foodstuffs. Don’t know what to do with your canned beans, Campbells, and tubs of Dinty Moore beef stew? Brooklyn’s most resourceful chefs and restaurateurs are here to help!

Dan Holzman, Executive chef and co-owner of The Meatball Shop:

“Eat them. Or bring them over to Bedford Avenue store and I’ll feed em’ to the public. No leftovers at The Meatball Shop cuz we’re open!”

Patrick Allouache, Executive chef at Piquant:

“Caramelize your leftover apples, and serve them with toasted mixed nuts topped with maple syrup. And for a last-minute solution for vegetables about to go bad, cook them until they are caramelized and blend them into a gazpacho. Season with spices you have on hand and top with parmesan cheese.”


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