Our Ideal Brooklyn Nets Game-Time Playlist

Pump up the jams.

  • Pump up the volume, kick out the jams.

As seemingly every news outlet covering the Nets has noted at some point in the last 12 months, Jay-Z’s itty-bitty stake in the ownership of the team (reminder: it’s just one-fifteenth of one percent) has far been overshadowed by his influence in nearly every facet of its rebranding, from team colors… to what sort of music should be played during games. “Less Jersey,” he advised Barclays execs. More Santigold than Bon Jovi. Because Jay-Z knows what’s up.

We followed his lead, piecing together a slate of could-be arena anthems suited for heavy rotation at Barclays to replace the stale Jock Jams holding court in other athletic venues across America. (You’re in good hands. I was a cheerleader in the seventh grade.) Let’s do this: