Apocalypse Now Beer Dinner at Nitehawk


Save the popcorn and gummy bears for your local Loews and cancel your pre-cinema restaurant reservations — no one does dinner and a movie quite like Nitehawk Cinemas.

While it’s easy to find a food through-line in films like Big Night, Julie and Julia, Eat, Drink, Man, Woman or Ratatouille, the quirky film house/cocktail bar/high-end concessionaire prides itself on finding edible inspiration in the most unlikely of places — serving beer battered and whisky sauced “Drunken Phoenix” chicken alongside screenings of The Master, for instance, or constructing Counting Sheep Cheese plates for the Mike Birbiglia indie, Sleepwalk with Me.

Ever get a serious jones for Vietnamese food while watching Apocalypse Now? Us either, but we’re still excited to probe the culinary heart of darkness with chef Russell Dougherty and Sixpoint Brewery on Tuesday, October 16th for a $60, three course dinner/four course beer pairing motivated by scenes from the awe inspiring (if not necessarily salivary gland inducing) film.

View the full menu after the jump!


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