Don’t Let This Happen to Your New iPhone

Is this thief riding his bike on the sidewalk? Thats even worse than stealing an iPhone!

  • Is this thief riding his bike on the sidewalk? That’s even worse than stealing an iPhone!

Along with the announcement that the NYPD is launching an anti-theft program to help people hold on to their Apple products and the report of the development of an only-in-Brooklyn iPod dock equipped stroller, comes the news that 2012’s rise in robberies is all due to Apple-product envy.

No word on whether any thief has deliberately gone after a Droid.

Gothamist reports that the NYPD has announced its crime statistics for the year so far and that the theft of Apple products has substantially contributed to the grim numbers. Yesterday, “the police department revealed that thefts involving Apple products have increased 40% over the same period last year—resulting in a 4% increase in overall crime.”

Well, what should we do about this? How can we protect our beloved Apple products? Common sense, you say? Interesting. Police commissioner Ray Kelly advises that, “Individuals alert to their surroundings are less likely to become victims of thefts of iPhones and other handheld devices.” Being alert to my surroundings? If you insist, Commissioner Kelly, if you insist.

Actually, it’s not the worst idea to be alert to your surroundings on public transportation anyway. Yesterday, in Windsor Terrace, a bus driver was stabbed in the shoulder with a hypodermic syringe by a passenger. NY Mag’s Daily Intel reports that 30-year-old B68 bus driver Mark Salandy was stabbed by a seemingly normal passenger who had paid his fare and didn’t do anything to seem like a deranged lunatic before stabbing Salandy and fleeing on foot. Salandy was treated and released at Methodist Hospital but must continue to be watched for infections.

In conclusion, be careful out there.

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