Brace Yourself For The Racist New Subway Ads The MTA Tried To Block

Dr. Zizmor doesnt look so bad now, does he?

  • Dr. Zizmor doesn’t look so bad now, does he?

The MTA may be home to some of the city’s shittiest, most low-budget advertising (and those terrible pictures of fat being poured into a glass), but they’re usually not all that racist.

Or at least they try not to be. After losing a court battle in an attempt to block them, the MTA is now obligated to run a new anti-Islam ad from the so-called American Freedom Defense Initiative, reading, “In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man.”

“Our hands are tied,” said an MTA spokesman who had hoped to at least postpone the controversial ads and their “demeaning language” in the midst of turmoil (helpfully described by Newsweek as “Muslim Rage”) sparked by the propaganda film Innocence of Muslims.

No dice. You see, in this country, we’ve got a little thing called free speech, and a federal court cited the First Amendment in forcing the MTA to run the ads, which are expected to go up next week in ten different stations. The group has already posted ads in Metro North with the slogan “It’s not Islamophobia. It’s Islamorealism,” which in that case, since it left out the word “savages,” did not meet the Transit Authority’s definition of overly “demeaning.”

“It’s perfectly legal to be a bigot and a racist,” explained the director of New York’s chapter of the Council on American-Islamic relations. “We want to make sure there’s a counter-voice.”

“We’re encouraging Muslims to go out there and define themselves.”

As for officials at the AFDI, they know better than to assume that public discourse ever, ever affects real-life events, and one accused transit officials of “kowtowing to the threat of jihad terrorism,” adding, “freedom must be vigorously defended.”

Yes, this is definitely the most inspiring, safe, and productive way to represent freedom that we can conceive of. Can’t wait for the commute to be that much more fraught every day. A big pat on the back to everyone involved.

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  1. Every White country on the planet is forced to become multicultural and multiracial.

    EVERY white country is told to end its own race and culture.

    No one asks that of ANY non-White country. Immigration and forced-assimilation is for ALL & ONLY White countries.

    Anti-Whites call themselves “anti-racist”, but their words & actions lead to the genocide of only one group: White people.

    The true goal of anti-racism is to genocide my people.

    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  2. Well over a decade since 9/11, bigotry and racial intolerance have engulfed our country when Lady Liberty is supposed to hold her arms open and embrace all world cultures. Anti-Islamic and Muslim rhetoric have filled our political halls and been laid out as the basis for never-ending wars and distress in the Middle East. We’re taught as a nation to fear these people and wage a race war of hate and discrimination against them. Read more about Living in a Society of Fear and the dangers we bring upon ourselves through this small-minded detestation at…

  3. I am a strong believer in and defender of our first ammendment rights. Even if the message, like the AFDI’s statements are cruely (and crudely) worded. That being said there are several things here that I do have an issue with:
    1) How is it that the MTA is obligated to run this group’s ads? I was not aware that free speech included the right to put words in someone else’s mouth or space. Can anyone force the MTA to display any posting? That could be fun!
    2) Not all Arabic or Persian people are Muslim, and not all Muslim are terrorists or jihadists, some are regular folk and some even go out of there way to serve as human shields to protect their chistian neighbors! (See link below)
    3) This one is important. I DON’T NEED ANY MORE REASONS TO BE AFRAID OF THE SUBWAY! Yes I agree, it is safER now. There is a reason that was neccesary. AFDI can’t you prove your point in some other medium? Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate it that you chose the subway and not the airport (but not really; I ride the subway several times a day, but I’ve only flown 5 times in my LIFE). Hey AFDI, maybe could we pick on one of the less violence prone religions. Maybe a nice anti-Wicca ad? I got your back. I hate candles and all that stuff!


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