Facebook Plays Host to Brooklyn Gang War

Facebook is, at it turns out, absolutely the worst thing ever.

  • Facebook is, at it turns out, absolutely the worst thing ever.

Kids these days! With their technology. And their gangs. And murder. Kids these days. They really might be the worst? Yeah, they just might be the worst.

What bad things have they been up to lately? Well, the New York Times reports on how a bunch of kids involved with two of Brooklyn’s most notorious gangs, The Rockstarz and The Very Crispy Gangsters, have started friending one another on Facebook, only to taunt each other about who murdered who or whatever it is that gang members like to do on Facebook.

Now, admittedly, that does sound like a slightly healthier method of using Facebook than posting about your child’s bowel movements, or whatever it is that new parents do. But! That is not the opinion of the NYPD, which has arrested dozens of members of these two gangs. Nor is it the opinion of the Brooklyn DA’s office, which has charged these men with crimes that include “murder, attempted murder and conspiracy.”

The gang members posted revealing details about the crimes they committed and did things like “taunting one another on their Facebook pages, boasting about murders and keeping score, and posting photographs of themselves in front of the homes of their enemies, as if to say, ‘I know where you live.’”

It’s surprising to me that these kids didn’t know enough not to do things like that. I mean, what if a future employer saw these postings? What would that future employer think? Maybe if it was the Brooklyn DA’s office, they wouldn’t care so much (see Justin Marrus scandal) but other, more discriminating, employers might care. In today’s economy, you really need to think about things like this.

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