Clinton Hill’s Master Perfumer

Joya Studio, in Clinton Hill, embodies Brooklyn’s current artisanal aesthetic in a way that’s uniquely its own. Although the company has only been in operation since 2008, its exquisitely rendered candles and perfumes reference centuries-old techniques while employing a modern design sensibility. Despite the distinctive nature of the products and the conscious decision by Frederick Bouchardy, the founder of Joya, to promote the company’s growth as naturally and organically as possible by maintaining a very selective distribution process, the products themselves transcend the label of “luxury” as it’s typically applied. “For me, the luxury is the uniqueness of the product,” Bouchardy tells us. “The scent world is an ancient art form. The mystery is important.”

Joya has avoided the aggressive distribution and almost inevitable dilution of quality that is characteristic of brands that grow too quickly. Instead, Joya has stayed true to its New York roots and produces locally. The artist Sarah Cihat is responsible for the exquisite ceramic exteriors of the candles and perfume bottles. All of the ceramics are individually molded and singular in their appearance. Up until now, Joya Studio products have only been available in select stores like Opening Ceremony and Henri Bendel. But the company is working on building a new studio in Clinton Hill (scheduled to open this fall), which will be housed in a late-19th-century garage and will contain all of the studio’s operations. Joya plans to offer bespoke products, workshops, and special events. When we ask him to describe the new space, Bouchardy just smiles and says, “bad-ass.”


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