Why Dogs Are the Best: They Save Lives, Even While Peeing


It’s been a tough month for dogs in the city. There was the pit bull shot in the face by a police officer in the East Village. And, just last week, two dogs were shot in Bushwick during a drug bust.

But do dogs give up on humanity, imperfect as it is? Do dogs hide their faces behind their paws and sigh, “oh, what a world, what a world”? No. They don’t. They find grenades while they’re popping a squat, alerting their owners, and potentially saving lives.

At least, that’s what a dog in Midwood did, DNA Info reports. Sure, it turns out that the grenade was inert, and nobody was in any real danger, but the dog didn’t know that! The dog wouldn’t have cared. That’s why dogs are the best.

Also the best? That would be subway conductor John Ross
who, Gothamist reports, saved a little, tiny kitten from certain death. The kitten, whose head was stuck in an empty bag of Sun Chips, was spotted by Ross on the tracks of the Franklin Ave shuttle as it came out of the Brooklyn Botanical Garden station.

Ross said, “‘I figured it may be a cruel trick by some kids — or the cat might be trying to get some food.’ [He] ended up pulling the hand brake to stop the train. Then Ross got down and removed the bag from the cat’s head. The cat looked at him—Ross said it was like the kitten was thinking, ‘Wow, I don’t know where I’ve been’—before running off.”

Gothamist further reports that Ross also “risk[ed] his life to save a passenger: In 2009, a passenger was randomly stabbed by an ex-con, and Ross, who was off-duty, helped pull the attacker off his victim and also tackled the suspect when he tried to flee.”

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