New York To Enter The Future With Online Voter Registration


In hopes of improving our state’s abysmal voter registration rate — we rank 47th in the nation with less than 64% of possible voters signed up — New York’s powers that be have made it possible to register online, making us the 11th US state to make the upgrade.

“Today, we are knocking down longstanding barriers that have prevented many New Yorkers from participating in the democratic process, while creating a more streamlined and more efficient system that will save taxpayers’ money,” Governor Cuomo said on Thursday.

Soon, so-called “motor voter” applications processed by the DMV will be digitized as well. The move is expected to save the DMV $270,000 per year, and the county boards of elections around $150,000.

And, if other states’ track records are any indication, we should see a spike in registered voters for the next election cycle.

Using the internet to make things faster: whatever will the government think of next?


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