Everyone Should Be Jealous Of The Nicest Block in Brooklyn


  • Sarah Krulwich / New York Times

We bring you a lot of news about people doing terrible things like defacing memorials and letting their children take dumps in public pools. So how about something super, super nice for a change?

Here you go: look at this gorgeous block in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens that just won the “Greenest Block in Brooklyn” title thanks to a years-in-the-making family gardening effort. Aww!

The block, situated on Lincoln Road between Rogers and Bedford, also won the Brooklyn Botanic Garden-sponsored competition in 2009 for factors including “colorfulness” and participation.

Much of the community gardening has been spearheaded by Maureen Facey and her sister Marian Face-Boone, who inherited some of their award-winning plants from their mother.

“It’s like the Garden of Eden,” said Robin Simmen, the director of the awards program.

This is genuinely just lovely and nice. Don’t you want to go out, plant a tree, hug a neighbor, whatever it is that happy wholesome people do? We do.

If that’s too much positivity for you, not to worry, someone vomited in the McCarren pool.

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