In Stock: New Frames from Moscot


Moscot’s four-eyed followers are serious about their eyewear—but then, so is the 113-year-old company. Their latest additions, which include eight new Spirit Collection frames, were designed in-house and modeled in promotional photos by members of the Moscot team. They include the Diedre, Garrett, Lucy, Nigel, Oren, Parson, Sidney, and Spencer—all inspired by styles hailing back to the ‘50s through ‘80s—and range from preppy, circular wire to sexy, thick cat eye to groovy Lennon-esque frames. But if you’re on the market for a new pair of glasses, you can’t find them in just any old store; the new designs are only available at Moscot’s New York City shops—including their new(ish) spot in Cobble Hill (159 Court Street, 212-647-1550).


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