Vincent D’Onofrio Builds Award Winning Sand Castle on Coney Island


You may know him for violent, creepy projects such as Law and Order: Criminal Intent and The Cell, but apparently, Vincent D’Onofrio is really just a family man who loves loves loves a good sandcastle.

So much so that Vinny (we can call him, Vinny, right?) and his kids actually won their category in this past weekend’s Coney Island Sand Sculpture Contest.

D’Onofrio and his family of eight — who apparently attend the competition regularly — won their category with an elaborate treasure chest surrounded by skulls and gold coins. “We love pirates,” D’Onofrio’s wife explained to rabid journalists.

Is there anything famous people and their children can’t do better than the rest of us plebeians? And is this all too wholesome and feel-good for your tastes?

Okay, then. The winner in the “solo adult” category crafted a cowering, sobbing woman out of sand in what he termed a domestic violence awareness sculpture, inexplicably modeled after his girlfriend.


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