The NY Islanders: “Brooklyn or Bust”?

We’ve been hearing rumors about the Islanders moving to Brooklyn for, I don’t know, years at this point? But the rumormongering continues apace: the CEO of the Barclays Center wants to bring NHL hockey to Brooklyn, Yahoo! Sports reports in a round-up of “Brooklyn Islanders” gossip, at the very least for more exhibition games, like the one the Islanders and Devils will be playing at Barclays in October.

Whether the Islanders end up moving to Brooklyn, it doesn’t look like they’ll be staying in Nassau County. So, where to? Suffolk? Seattle? Canada? As the site puts it, “more and more, it’s looking like the Islanders could be Brooklyn or bust.” Word is the NHL commissioner is warming to the idea of the Islanders in Brooklyn, though. Just move them here already, jeez.

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[image courtesy Brian Begley]



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