Kristin Chenoweth Injured in Brooklyn, Treated in Manhattan



The diminutive actress Kristin Chenoweth, increasingly lesser known for her stage work than for TV and movies, was injured in Greenpoint Williamsburg yesterday while filming The Good Wife, the Times reports. A piece of falling scaffolding hit her in the head in the evening, and she was taken to Bellevue.

Her injuries were minor, the paper reports, which, yeah, I hope so, because if you’re really hurt, why are you gonna go all the way to Manhattan? What, our hospitals aren’t good enough for you? It’s shorter to cross the Pulaski Bridge and take the Midtown tunnel? Whatever.

CORRECTION: The accident occurred in Williamsburg, the Post reports, on Kent at North 6th, which is “notoriously windy.” The paper also reports that the accident didn’t seem so minor: the actress seized, and was unconscious.

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