Toxic Furniture Terrorizes Park Slope Residents


They may think their neighborhood is “safe” and “comfortable,” but Park Slope residents have to contend with urban scourges just like the rest of us. More specifically, they have to contend with the newfound threat of poisoned furniture!

Trailer Park, which retails new, vintage, and Amish handcrafted furniture in the neighborhood, first ran into trouble when a few enterprising Park Slope parents took it upon themselves to test their vintage furniture (naturally), and found that certain pieces from the store had more than five times the legal limit of lead parts per million.

Chris Houghton, the store’s owner, explained that certain vintage pieces had been restored with lead-infused paint years before any health regulations came into existence, and has removed all affected furniture from the shop. “This is a big deal to me,” Houghton said. “I don’t want to hurt kids — I have kids.” Looks like we’re all on the same page, then.

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