The 100 Greatest Brooklynites of All Time


The following is an entirely unscientific, deeply felt list of this great city’s greatest citizens. The story of Brooklyn is a story of brilliant, brave, resolute people making their borough—and their world—a better place. It wasn’t easy putting this together, and we’re sure we’ll catch a fair bit of flak for some of our decisions, but we’d happily do it all over again… (please don’t make us do it over again).




  1. @Richard Grayson
    Actually, stay tuned for tomorrow’s 10 Worst Brooklynites of All Time. So yeah, good idea!

  2. I would not include people who were born here but then peaced immediately as young children. Otherwise, good list – nice job going deep in the crates and not having it be too lopsidedly contemporary.


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