Stawberry Jam, in Five Simple Steps


Everyone can make their own tasty jam—and should, now that ripe berries are bursting all across the state. After a few magical mornings of fresh strawberry yogurt parfaits, it makes sense to trap the rest of your limited-time-only local berries for safekeeping in a jar. Strawberries make one fine jam at that—a little chunky, and adaptable to many added seasonings, like basil leaves, lemon zest or a touch of balsamic vinegar. It doesn’t cost much else than the strawberries and a jar to put them up. Here’s how to make a classic strawberry jam in five easy steps.


  1. A Brooklyn Florist makes available a “Grow Strawberries in Your own Home”
    project. Crown Heights Florist of Brooklyn NY teaches community members to
    grow fresh strawberies in their pourch or sunny window all spring and summer.


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