What You Do and What You Wear

Photos Industry of One

For about as long as they’d been dating, Rachel Brown and Adam Patrick Jones had thought about “collaborating on a project that would tie style and story together,” Brown tells us. Eventually, they decided on “work” as their subject, and launched the web-based periodical Industry of One in November—on their anniversary. “It united my background in journalism and Adam’s ease behind the camera,” Brown tells us. “A lot of style blogs play up the ostentatious, fantastical side of fashion, but we felt there was a real need to showcase talented, ambitious people who strive to be the best in their profession and still look good.”

Brown (a 24-year-old Bushwick resident) and Jones (a 27-year-old in Bed-Stuy) interview and photograph people in a variety of mostly creative fields: some recent subjects have been jewelry designers, fashion designers, industrial designers, and advertising planners; at least one was a nanny. “Industry of One captures what someone wears to work each day of the week, Monday to Friday, and the wardrobes are fused with daily habits of both work and leisure,” Brown says. “Our focus is to tell stories of people with an entrepreneurial spirit who have style and substance. Our hope is to unravel the mysteries—discipline, passion, success—of what it takes not only to succeed, but to love what you are doing with your life.”



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