The Milkman Returns — This Time, with Baby Food

Photos Clément Pascal

“There are a lot of advocates for change in the way this country eats,” Lauren Utvich tell us, “but surprisingly little innovation in food and nutrition for those who need it most”—that is, babies. So she and Marshall Louis Reaves, Greenpoint residents, started Farm to Baby, which makes the “best-ever food for babies, a fresh product made from local produce that tastes like real food—because it is,” then delivers it fresh throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan twice a week, like a modern-day spin on the milk-man model. Unlike other baby-food producers, Farm to Baby avoids fillers, binders, and preservatives; it also doesn’t sterilize the food with heat, which destroys vitamins. “Our food is truly fresh, which is what parents want,” Utvich adds. “We know parents are smart enough to see through the deceptive marketing of other baby foods that claim to be ‘fresh,’ despite having an expiration date a year in the future.”

Dana Lee button up from Hickoree’s Hard Goods, dress and necklace from Life:Curated


  1. Beado, check…..thick frame glasses, check………zany hat, check…… muscle tone, check……hipster much?

  2. Sounds kinda cool, like they put some thought into it and are making something good. And holy blerg, they deliver!

  3. it’s healthy baby food. the product quality is not measured by their look so don’t hate them because they’re gorgeous. or do, and get back to cultivating your muscle tone with synthetic protein and gnarr gym seshuns, in your (swampy?) yankee cap (which cannot be zany since everyone else at your bar has one, pheew, you are safe). sorry is that stereotyping?

    btw your dad had his hat too.

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