How To Pilot Your Bicycle In A Decorous Fashion

When piloting your velocipede it is imperative that you consider prudence, modesty, and decorum at all times, lest you be sanctioned by local law-keepers for improper attire. For, you see, high moral conduct is the chief concern of our metropolitan constabulary, and young women on bicycles must bear in mind the moral weakness of pedestrians as they navigate our sin-besotted conurbation. Forthwith, our guide to proper cycling conduct, lest you suffer the same fate as Jasmijn Rijcken, a Dutch woman who, at the beginning of the summer, was threatened with a ticket by a police officer because she was “too sexy.” Heaven forfend.

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Model Jackie M @ Wilhelmina
Stylist Jaclyn Hodes
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Make-Up Brit Cochran
Hair Takeo Suzuki
Photo Assistant Cody Swanson
Bike Recycle-A-Bicycle, Brooklyn

1. When mounting, make sure to avoid catching your garment in the “sprockets.”

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2. Always check for innocent onlookers when stopping to catch your breath.

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3. Modest trousers are a plus, particularly when paused in the middle of the thoroughfare.

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4. Socks must cover the knee.

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5. An elegant pair of slacks provides a simple solution to possible lawbreaking.

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6. Never attempt a “trick” in heels longer than a policeman’s whistle.

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7. Make sure to stretch before you attempt a particularly strenuous trip.

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8. When confronted with your immodesty, do not surrender identification on the
first request. Cross your arms and remain silent.

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