Let’s Talk About Sex. Or At Least Look At It.

“I feel that sex, like art, is multifaceted,” Tyler Lafreniere, founder of Brooklyn-based art mag Gypsé Eyes, tells us. “It is at the same time humorous, serious, beautiful, ugly, sad, lonely, joyful, connecting, and entertaining. Often I feel sex in art is positioned as one of these when usually it encompasses all of them. So, in an effort to create a publication which engages the reader while also making them laugh, a bit shy, and perhaps a bit turned on, Gypsé Eyes was created.” Was such an attitude lacking in art magazines? “I do feel there is a bit of a gap in this regard,” Lafreniere tells us. “Generally, I think [other magazines that deal with sex] fall into a certain category of representation. They are either porn—more recently including ironic porn—erotica, or fine art. They generally like to stay in these classifications, but isn’t porn sometimes art and art sometimes porn? And often erotica could be called porn with a higher production value and style, or art with more naked people. Regardless, in Gypsé Eyes we try to blur these boundaries.

Photos Ashley Minette


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