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These days, buzz comes hot and heavy for country singers who pretend that four decades of developments in popular music never happened. Witness the rapturous crowds of New Yorkers hooting and hollering at any one of Sturgill Simpson’s many shows in the city, and the sudden emergence of Chris Stapleton as country’s savior. These artists elicit a tiresome, predictable narrative: country is about to kick the bucket, choked to death by the demands of...
Last month, I introduced you thirsty readers to Justin Kennedy, one of Brooklyn’s most prolific beer-themed podcast producers. This week, I’ve got podcaster and award-winning homebrewer Robert Sherrill in the hot seat, ready to tell all about his brand new show, Brew to Share. Laid back, informative, thoughtful and often hilarious, Brew to Share celebrates the local craft beer and homebrewing community in New York City by bringing folks from all corners of the industry together over interesting discussion and, of course, great beer.