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Arabic music is wont to pop up in Brooklyn without much fanfare—no pricey mural-tisements in Williamburg or wall-to-wall wheat-pasting in Bushwick—so if you're not paying attention to a band's Facebook page or Twitter feed, you're likely to miss out on a great show (like legendary Souren Baronian and his jazz ensemble Taksim regularly playing Thursdays in Park Slope's Barbès bar last year). So, who should you start following, you ask? Here are five brilliant...
For an ancient Chinese medical practice, acupuncture was little known in the West until American journalist James Reston suffered acute appendicitis while visiting China with his wife in 1971. Reston was a reporter for the New York Times, and traveling as part of the advance team before President Nixon's monumental trip to the country. Everyone knew that the President's visit would end twenty-five years of separation between the two powers, but no one could...