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Lorraine Berry taught creative nonfiction at SUNY Cortland for 13 years before heading south to Florida to hang out at the beach. Her work has appeared in such outlets as The Guardian, LitHub, Diagram, Raw Story, and Talking Writing, where she is a contributing editor. She tweets at @BerryFLW.
Blame me for the rocks And baby bones and broken lock On the garden (Sam Beam, Lilith’s Song) I. In the 19th century, Thomas De Quincey wrote a memoir that some consider to be the first “addiction memoir,” although De Quincey never wrote of being addicted. He used one of the most common drugs of his day: laudanum. The ruby tincture—comprising the juice of the opium poppy (papaver somniferum) dissolved in alcohol—to which such flavors as nutmeg were added...
And what spoke that strange silence After his clamour of caws faded? (Ted Hughes, “Crow’s Theology”) If love is ineffable because it is “too much,” what then of grief, which acts as a vacuum? Where does language go with the intake of breath that accompanies the notification of “this person is no more?” And when the writer begins to recover their voice, why write down the blank? Grief blunts the senses, changes human perceptions of the...