There is no denying that this is a pivotal moment for critical journalism–and media platforms and traditional news sites around the globe are rising to the occasion. Shining through a cloud of opinions on the web and in print spaces is one loud, clear voice that has been there long before Trump’s inauguration—Shaun King. Using his clout as a senior justice writer for New York Daily News and as a commentator for The Young Turks, King has long used his social platforms and editorial voice to amplify social justice issues and corruption in our government and police forces. Gaining particular notoriety for his coverage and attention to the Black Lives Matter movement, King has become a must-follow for activists and citizens committed to racial justice. King’s reputation for holding brands and leaders accountable for racism and questionable policies is also admirable–demanding accountability from juggernauts like Pepsi to local school teachers caught up in racist scandals. In uncharted political waters where elected officials don’t answer calls from constituents, where Wall Street that is run by the Treasury department, and newly emboldened Neo-Nazi’s step out of the shadows, King’s voice and staunch dedication to justice is crucial to protecting life as we (recently) knew it.

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