While we all are heading down what seems to be a sure pathway to a dystopian society, it does feel like something of a relief to learn that some people out there are finally realizing that they may have been conned by a certain tiny-handed, blonde-haired President.

The Twitter account @Trump_Regrets has gained massive traction in the past week or so, jettisoning up to near 150,000 followers—and growing. The account retweets people expressing—you guessed it—regret with how the candidate that they chose to support or cast their vote for is carrying out policy in these early days of his administration.

The account brings a glimmer of hope, perhaps, for our midterm elections in 2018, and whatever will happen in 2020. Live and learn, as people say. Although even just 11 days in, this has been a pretty costly price for learning. Check out a number of the highlights just from the last day and change below:






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