Tiki is in again and delicious.

Joe Biden Memes

The MTA put Wireless Connections in 37 more stations, including 16 in Brooklyn.

November 8 was the worst, but it also resulted in eight more states legalizing marijuana for medical or recreational use—just in time because we’ll need it.

The OJ Simpson Documentary

Isabelle Huppert: She is back, and outstanding.

Cubs win!

Standing Rock Victory

My parents still aren’t on Facebook

Alec Baldwin on SNL

Larry David on SNL

Dave Chappelle on SNL

Kate McKinnon IN GENERAL—but especially this.

Blink-182 gets nominated for a Grammy

Leonardo DiCaprio (finally) wins an Oscar

Dark Kermit memes

Damn Daniel



Chance the Rapper being Chance the Rapper

Childish Gambino becoming good

Medal of Freedom ceremony at White House

Michelle Obama, the whole year

Podcast Sooo Many White Guys celebrates a lot of non-white men

Jad Abumrad makes a new podcast, More Perfect, about the Supreme Court

Mets had a good season

Yankees had an interesting season

Knicks are having an interesting and potentially at least decent season

All seven feet and three inches of PORZINGIS

Giants having decent season

Jets living up to expectations



A Seat at the Table


A great year of fiction!!!! The Underground Railroad, Wangs vs. the World, Homegoing, What Is Yours Is Not Yours, The Mothers, Insurrections, Zero K.


The Night Manager

Season 2 of Narcos

Another Star Wars Film

Widespread popularity of giant rubber phone cases that look like other things

The new Boosts

Pants getting wide at the bottom again.

Einstein’s theory of ripples in space/time (predicted in 1916) confirmed.

Justin Trudeau, especially when he did this.

“The Future is Female.”

Di Fara’s is Delivering to our doors.

Pokémon Go (see also Worst of 2016)

Ashley Graham on the cover of Sports Illustrated and the “end” of plus-size models.

Portugal ran on renewable energy for four days straight.

Obama bans offshore drilling in federally owned waters off the Atlantic coast and in the Arctic Ocean, and it probably can’t be reversed.

2016 is only 12 months long.

Which is great because, remember? There were at least 50 pretty bad things that happened, too. 





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