As we know by now, President Obama is one cool cat. He’s got a pretty refined taste in comedy, podcasts, and, perhaps most notably, music. He’s met with hip-hop stars in the White House on multiple occasions, slow-jammed the news with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots, and even held a private show featuring Stevie Wonder and Prince at The White House. This morning, our 44th Commander-in-Chief released his official presidential summer playlist via the @POTUS Twitter account, and unsurprisingly, there’s some pretty groovy stuff on there.

Broken down into two separate lists–one for daytime, and one for nighttime–Obama’s list includes music from all worlds, from old school classics like Aretha Franklin and The Beach Boys, to modern day fire from Chance the Rapper and Leon Bridges, down to Courtney Barnett’s deadpan brand of lyrics and strumming, and Prince’s legendary swagger. He’s even got a song on there from one of today’s guitar legends, Gary Clark Jr., seen in our featured image above with the president and the late B.B. King.

There’s a ton more included on the two playlists, and the casual listener could easily use the President’s choices as a guide to discovering some pretty essential and influential tracks and artists. For anyone seeking a well-curated playlist, or for some reason missing a summer mix of their own, old friend Barack has done a solid job in putting together an eclectic blend of tunes for the dog days of summer.

Check out the playlists on Spotify below, via The White House’s official account:



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