Since Prince’s death last month, the music world has been born anew with an endless stream of Prince covers, from Beyoncé wailing “The Beautiful Ones” to Paul McCartney riffing on “Let’s Go Crazy.”

Adding to the Prince love, last night, the poppy, high-energy sister trio Haim kicked off their tour with a cover of Purple Rain‘s “I Would Die 4 U” at the Observatory in Santa Ana, California. [Editor’s Note: This is unequivocally my favorite Prince song, and therefore the best one–CW] Haim also debuted two new songs at the show, the first we’ve heard since their 2013 record Days Are Gone, which feels like it came out forever ago (pun intended.)

Though other artists like Beck covering “Raspberry Beret” and Mac Demarco covering “It’s Gonna Be Lonely” were touching sentiments, the 80s dance fusion alive in Haim immediately clicked with Prince’s sound in a way few contemporary indie groups could pull off.

Sisters Alana, Danielle, and Este danced in sync while harmonizing their guitar riffs, giant smiles beaming–a perfectly planned tribute to a man who never half-assed anything. As a native Minnesotan who grew up just across town from Paisley Park, the outpouring of homages toward our hometown hero definitely resonates, especially when coming from the heavenly pipes of the Haim sisters. Watch the cover below.

And here’s one of the new songs they played, reportedly titled “Give Me Just A Little Of Your Love.”

Along with a slower ballad, reportedly called “Nothing’s Wrong.”

The sisters haven’t given a formal sophomore album announcement aside from this Instagram post where they detail their impatience with keeping their songs confined to the studio. So we wait.


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