Riis Park Beach Bazaar Reminds You that Summer Is Coming


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You wouldn’t know it from looking outside but it is ALMOST SUMMER! I know, that seems like a super crazy idea. “Hey, dummy!” you’re probably thinking, because you’re rude, “Just check your phone – it’s not summer!”

And yet, dog, it almost totally is. As proof, I present to you the Riis Park Beach Bazaar! Back for a second year, this sort-of Smorgasbourg on the beach is from the team that brought you the late, beloved Brooklyn Night Bazaar. Details are scarce on exact performers, but there will be free concerts every weekend all summer long, starting Memorial Day weekend with Simon and the Bar Sinisters, The Shipwrecks, and The Supertones. There’s also a beach volleyball league, beachfront karaoke, food vendors, a bar, and more.  Should you quit your job, dump your s/o, move to the beach and only drink out of coconuts for the rest of your life? Look, I don’t want to tell you what to do, but yes, obviously you should do that.

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The sad news? Memorial Day weekend isn’t until May 30 – still a month away. But, you know, getting closer all the time! Slightly more info at Riis Park Beach Bazaar’s site, though, honestly it’s still very much a work in progress. But it’s good dream fuel. See you there in a month?

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