A Cat Cafe Is Coming to Brooklyn Heights

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Brooklyn, I have prrrrrr-etty exciting news: The Brooklyn Bridge Animal Welfare Coalition has announced that our borough is about to get much more cuddly: starting next month, Brooklyn Heights will welcome our first permanent home for cat-petting rentals and general feline adoration, the Brooklyn Cat Café.

If you’d like, take a tiny second to calm your cat-obsessed heart.

Welcome back. Gothamist reports the warm and fuzzy opening party will be held in the café’s future space at 149 Atlantic Avenue on May 6. Once up and purring, a 30-minute cat lovin’ session will cost $5; food and snacks will likely be vended on site as well (final details to come) but you cannot bring your own food or drink on site (hygiene, people).

Too excited to wait for May 6, and interested in helping them get the abode for all of those adorable felines in tip-top shape? So that you may more quickly and comfortably pet them, or just lovingly stare at their gorgeous self-possessed selves?

You can do that. The coalition is asking for help painting, organizing and sorting, or doing some writing and administrative work, if you’d like to get in on the fun early. If so, you can email them to volunteer your time, or throw some cash at those cute, grateful paws for pre-paid kitty cuddling, or straight-up donations.

Tickets here for the opening party from 6 – 8pm on May 6
149 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn Heights.
In the meantime, have fun remembering that this cat-based magazine also exists. 


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