A New Spin on Classic Mediterranean Spices, by Chef Ana Sortun

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Taste Talks in partnership with Mount Gay hosted four events across the country featuring creative makers and craftsmen who are forging a new path in the spirit of the old ways.

Chef Ana Sortun, co-owner of Oleana in Boston, emulates the spirit of something old in all of her cooking and craftsmanship. Inspired by a trip to Turkey, Chef Sortun, it’s shown through in her cooking since.

“The flavors [in Turkey] were incredibly rich, but not as heavy. And that was interesting and exciting–I wanted to get to the bottom of it. I found it was really the use of spice that was doing this. I use spices in a more Mediterranean way, it’s a more underlying flavor.” Sortun explained.

Sortun is bringing her original spin to classic spices all across Boston.

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