Happy Spring! Snow Is Coming This Weekend


Hi guys. Enjoying this nice weather? Happy you’re not all bundled in goose down, or clumping around in big snow boots, because there is no snow?

Well don’t get too comfy: this Sunday, the first day of spring, there will be snow.

By end of day Saturday, temperatures will dip into the 30s; by late Sunday morning, we’ll get as many as 6 inches of white stuff (or as few as three). That could continue into Monday morning, with more accumulation, according to AccuWeather (Via abc7NY).

But don’t worry too much about this. The planet is still warmer than ever. By Monday we’ll be back near 50 degrees; Friday, we’ll be safely closer to now-standard weird warmth, about 70 degrees.

So this could really be just a pretty spring novelty—it won’t stick around, and there won’t be enough of it to cause the return of New York City’s most dreaded plague: the slush pit.


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