Bootleg Bar Makes the Weirdest Pickle Back of All Time

Pickle Back

Thanks, genuinely, to Brokelyn, who have brought us the true delight that is Bootleg Bar‘s second anniversary video. It brings to hysterical, weird life a version of Brooklyn a lot different than the one you’re probably tired of: the one that is high-end, casual, and gorgeous, nonchalantly.

No, Bootleg Bar (which we will now be frequenting all of the time), one-ups that vision of Brooklyn by creating an ad meant to be nothing but absurd–and it is, and it is also amazing. In addition to advertising a whole bunch of non-draws, like door knobs and napkins, a broken chair and a toilet, and drinks with one ice cube, (plus one real draw, a pin ball machine), it also brings us the best piece of video art we have ever seen: A literal pickle back–a man’s bare back, with pickles stuck all over it.

That’s all there is to say. Just watch the video. Then go and give some love to Bootleg Bar, even beyond their second anniversary, because they deserve it. Maybe skip the pickle back, though.

Thanks, too, to Horatio Baltz, the genius behind the art.


  1. way to go, Bobby! It’s your Uncle Steve (sorry for all the teasing this is going to cause). That certainly made me lmao. Looking forward to coming up for a visit pretty soon. I could use a vacation. 😉


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