Team Behind OKONOMI Hopes to Bring Japanese Style Fish Market to Brooklyn

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Amid the rise of artisan butcher shops and all things sustainable, the team behind OKONOMI and YUJI Ramen have started a Kickstarter campaign to open a Japanese-style fish market just blocks from their current Williamsburg location on Ainslie Street.

Named OSAKANA—”honor your fish” in Japanese—aims to be a space where fish experts and floundering fish buying newbies can purchase a seasonal selection of local seafood straight from the Atlantic Ocean, but also “a community space in which people can learn more about these ingredients through discussions, meals, tastings, and classes.”

The campaign only needs $50,000 to open a basic seafood retail space, but having done a Kickstarter three years prior to open OKONOMI, the team has included a $75,000 goal to create a six-seat ramen spot for their seafood-rich ramen and donburi lunches, as well as a $100,000 goal that would pivot the fish market from being just a market to a spot for “omakase dinners that will pair exciting preparations of seafood and sashimi with assorted Japanese whiskeys,” thanks to a issuing of a liquor license.

So hop to it. Go contribute to their Kickstarter so we can all have more really delicious fish in our lives. Arigatou.


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