Still More Strange Doughnuts: Rainbow Edition

People: think about rainbows, think about doughnuts. Then think about eating it. (Via Moe's Dough Instagram)

Hi, everyone. Your local doughnut correspondent here, back to talk weird doughnuts–my great joy.

Today’s topic: Rainbows.

Eater reports that Greenpoint’s Moe’s Doughs Donut Shop decided to have fun with recent celebrity food the rainbow bagel by giving us Rainbow Cake Donut. It is not, as one might think, just a doughnut tinted with a bunch of food coloring; it is, in fact, “a mixture of your favorite cake donuts,” according to Moe’s Instagram account.

Adding sweet flavors and textures to other sweet flavors and textures does not sound that novel. But I also do not hate the idea of fried dough and cake. Most of all, this is New York, and if it can be done, they’ll do it.

There are, purportedly, not lines out the door for Rainbow Cake Donuts–yet. So get over there. In the words of Kate Moss, nothing tastes as good as the Rainbow Cake Donut feels. Or something like that.

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