Run, Literally, Away from Love: The Boycott Valentine’s Day Pub Run


Don't embrace it, run from it. (Via Instagram)
Don’t embrace it, run from it. (Via Instagram)

There are a lot of ways to refuse to participate in Valentine’s day, like not leaving your house, and seeing no one—any activity that makes no allusion to the fact that people have feelings or socialize.

There is, however, another way which sounds like more fun, provided by Brooklyn Running Company in Williamsburg: The Boycott Valentine’s Day Pub Run.

It’s funny, first of all, because this activity evokes an image of a large mob, literally running away from the concept of the day and, intermittently, throwing back large mugs of cheap beers before proclaiming, “to hell with it all!” and then engaging in enthusiastic chest bumps… possibly. Regardless, this sounds like a better time than a solo night of watching Ken Burns, for example, in your apartment.

Brooklyn Running Company held the first Boycott Valentine’s Day Pub Run last year, and it attracted more runners who wanted to drink while jogging than any other event the store had previously held of its kind. This year, they expect an even bigger crowd because they have taken pains to make the event all-inclusive: “We don’t discriminate against relationship status,” so curmudgeon couples allowed, too.

On the big day, join Brooklyn Running Company not only for jogging, drinking, and—possibly?—laughs, but also running swag and giveaways from New Balance. Alcohol stops include The Keg and Lantern and Kent Ale House. Tickets are twenty bucks and that covers everything. But regardless of cost, the experience of being around like-minded Valentine’s day haters is, as they say, priceless.

Boycott Valentine’s Day Pub Run, Sunday, February 14, 6pm; RSVP. Brooklyn Running Company, 222 Grand Street, Williamsburg. Don’t worry about the cold: think alcohol and layers


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