Make Art and Drink with Broad City in Williamsburg This Weekend

Photo by Chloe Apple Seldman
Photo by Chloe Apple Seldman

Broad City is so fantastic because it takes all the crap we deal with every day, and makes it seem not only normal and fine, but also way better than the crap Abbi and Ilana deal with. Just like that, our daily lemons are turned into sweet, sweet life-giving lemonade. It is a truly great service that two funny women provide for us.

But have you ever thought about how much cooler it would be if, rather than watch Broad City on TV, you could paint walls and drink with them, too? And maybe win free stuff while you’re at it? If you haven’t, think about how great that would be now, because on Saturday you can do all of those things at Kinfolk in Williamsburg.

Broad City announced on Facebook that it will be hosting an event 90 Wythe Avenue from 12 to 5pm on Saturday painting a mural designed by Mike Perry (who created the series’s opening credits logo), and they request your help. Plus, they write, “free drinx, BC swag, photo opps included!” which is very exciting—and all the more so because that swag is a bomb-ass T-shirt that reads: Broad Fucking City.

Plus, Bingo Bronson will be hanging out and painting and drinking. Basically, all of your favorite jokes and people who make them will be colliding with your real life. I don’t think adults have enough dreams, let alone ones that can be very easily achieved. So why not make this hangout with Broad City your dream? And then watch it come true.

*Note: This post initially said that Abbi and Ilana, creators of Broad City, would be on hand. It has since been clarified that they won’t be present. Oh, well. It’ll still be fun. Bingo motherfucking Bronson will be there, after all.


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