Sponsored Video: Bonaverde is Changing the Way We Think About Coffee

Grower with green coffee beans

Can we talk about how difficult it is to find the perfect cup of coffee in this city? It takes some commitment to slog through the endless rotation of chain coffee shops and subpar bodega cups to find one we love. And even when we do stumble across a hidden gem, we can’t always get to it—a real problem for the caffeine-addicted among us.

We’ve been pondering this a lot lately, daydreaming about how great it would be to have complete control over the coffee we drink. Think about it: what if you could roast your own beans exactly to your liking, then grind them up and make a fresh pot right on the spot? Well, that’s exactly what Bonaverde is doing with their roast-grind-brew coffee machine, the first in the world of its kind.

So, count us in, right? Yes! But it doesn’t stop there. Along with completely overhauling the way you think about making coffee, Bonaverde is building up the Coffee Cloud ecosystem, a community filled to the brim with coffee consumers and growers alike.

One of our favorite parts of this revolutionary concept is that it goes beyond connecting coffee-drinkers directly to the source of their caffeine buzz. If you join the subscription-based service (just $10 per month!), you’ll also have access to free coffee at any Bonaverde Coffee Corner location. As these shops continue to pop up, you’ll pretty much have access to your favorite cup of coffee any time you want it.

The project hasn’t hit the market yet, but we’re already hoping New York will be a pilot city. You can help by registering on the Bonaverde website—the city with the most people signed up by the end of January will host the first active coffee ecosystem.

This post is sponsored by Bonaverde.


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