It’s Time to Name the Object of Your Affection After a Cockroach

Your lover: the Madagascar hissing cockroach.
Your lover: the Madagascar hissing cockroach.

Remember the best, cheapest Valentine’s gift out there? The one where it only costs ten bucks to name a Madagascar hissing cockroaches after your lover thanks to the good people at the Bronx Zoo? Does it seem weird to you to name a cockroach after the person you love? Well, it shouldn’t. After all, that terrifying little insect is almost indestructible—just like your love!

And this year, the Bronx Zoo is literally sweetening the deal, by adding chocolate to the whole thing.

Don’t worry: This has nothing to do with chocolate-covered roaches. Rather, for $15 more, some Nunu Chocolates will be included in the roach-naming deal. So don’t wait a second longer: Give your Valentine the sweetest gift out there, AKA his or her name attached to a roach. You’ll get an official certificate to mark the event and, because your cash will go toward future roach-upkeep, it will also be the gift that keeps on giving to lovers (of roaches) everywhere. The more Madagascar cockroaches we keep on this planet, the more love will keep crawling, visibly, all around us.


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