New York Is Now Home to a $20 Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Sandwich

Would you pay $20 for this? photo via Dominique Ansel Kitchen's Instagram
Would you pay $20 for this?
photo via Dominique Ansel Kitchen’s Instagram

So, as it turns out: Maybe Ted Cruz is right to hate New York. Why? Well, because besides being home to a $100 doughnut, we’re now home to a $20 bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich. To quote the subject line of an email I just received about something completely different: Lol what

Via Grub Street, we just learned that Cronut-inventor Dominique Ansel has partnered up with Wylie Dufresne to release what is surely one of the most expensive bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches in the city. Grub Street reports:

From this Saturday, January 16, to Monday, January 18, Dominique Ansel Kitchen (the one in the West Village) will serve a special “wd~Ansel Egg Melt,” a sandwich with soft-scrambled eggs, a confit egg yolk, homemade cheese, black truffles (!), bacon, and maple flakes. It’s served on a smoked English muffin, with truffled hash browns on the side, and it costs $20.

At first, we were mildly offended at the idea of paying that much money for something our local bodega does extremely well for a fifth of the price, but then we realized that this $20 breakfast sandwich is part of what makes New York so beautiful, in that it’s so blatantly about those two things that Cruz and many other people hate about New York (money and media) that it’s almost our duty as politically progressive New Yorkers to eat it. But, um. Can we borrow $20? Thanks.


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