Bushwick Debuts Syndicated: A Brand New Theater for Boozing, Eating, and Watching Movies

Your movie screenings are about to get a lot tastier than this.
Your movie screenings are about to get a lot tastier than this.

I enjoy little more than watching movies, ordering a meal and a beer from my seat, having it delivered to me, and then hardcore relaxing while I take all of it in. Thanks to Nitehawk, I’ve done this a lot. One of my favorite days on earth involved a chicken sandwich, a pilsner, and a Nitehawk brunch featuring Rushmore. And so, I was very excited to learn that this Friday a brand new theater specializing in classic films, and serving snacks and booze, will open in Bushwick.

Gothamist says Syndicated will not run new releases like Nitehawk, but instead will screen revivals selected by Managing Partner Tim Chung, and—importantly—serve “artisinal snacks” [sic] like flavored popcorn, steak frites, and also things to guzzle, like cocktails paired to films  that you can order from your movie seat.

Syndicated’s film-meets-food-meets-alcohol business is on a much smaller scale than at Nitehawk, there’s just a single 50-seat theater. However, tickets for a single screening are only $3! Almost nothing costs that little in this town. Even a single ride on the subway costs almost as much, and it’s unpleasant. Whereas these three dollars promise so much more—the opportunity to revel in gluttony and culture, in the dark. And double screenings only cost $5.

Syndicated’s opening precedes another all-in-one theater, the long-awaited Alamo Drafthouse in Downtown Brooklyn which will debut this fall. So it seems the wider world is starting to understand: If you’re going to open a movie theater, why wouldn’t you add food and drink?

And: Gothamist says Syndicated will also screen the Academy Awards. Seems like a fantastic vantage point from which to drink and snack and watch The Revenant win absolutely everything.

Syndicated: 40 Bogart Street, Bushwick


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