The Top 10 Films of 2015: From the Tang Dynasty to Midtown, Uptown, Queens and Beyond


Asked once again to write up 10-best capsules for 2015 (after 10-odd years reviewing at The L Magazine and now Brooklyn Magazine), I happily found more than a few things to like….

The Assassin: Alphabetically but also the only numeric ranking I’ll give: Hou Hsiao-hsien renders this Tang Dynasty tale of romantic torment with gorgeous beauty and a time-suspending sense of presence.


Carol: Todd Haynes and screenwriter Phyllis Nagy’s adaptation of The Price of Salt by Patricia Highsmith portrays the hide-and-seek (and the rush) of a verboten love in the Fifties, with Rooney Mara’s spooked intensity, a grand Cate Blanchett, and Ed Lachman’s era-perfect tones.


  1. His number one movie is a flick that has the same shallow idea of beauty that a really good fashion commercial has.
    I actually love to see which critic pretends to love The Assassin because it is the emperor’s clothes of movies this year. Well, The Assassin and Spotlight. Funny to hear people make excuses for a movie that was directed like an episode of Law and Order. Here we have the dull and drab network tv directing(which is always the style of Tom McCarthy) called “Journalistic.” Ha. What’s the excuse for the completely mediocre script? It was like an intro to priest molestation for dummies. And then throw in real life Bostonians mixing with a half dozen movie stars, what do we got? Mediocrity.

    Olivier Assayas might be the most overrated filmmaker on the planet. He does nothing but make one average movie after another.


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